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Been a few years

Sooooo, it’s been a few years. I let the domain go. Now I have it back. I am looking to find new content contributors. Also I am not looking to let my domain payment lapse. If you found this site before, yay! IF you just found this, still yay! Hope to make this a thing […]


Mancäve Brewing Company on kickstarter

Eugene could have a new brewery. With your help. A couple of local guys with a dream and some umlauts are looking for your backing. Here is the video:     There is over 29 days, as of today, to support the project. I, for one, am all for new small breweries. The prospect of small single […]

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Sale at the Bier Stein

Seems my speculation about sales at the Bier Stein was correct. Certain beers are on sale right now. Yellow sale tags have appeared in the coolers and there is even boxes of bottles on sale. The sale selections are good right now. I managed to save quite a few bucks on some bottles just now. […]


Soft Openings at Breweries

  Grand Openings can be a lot of fun. Normally there is some fanfare and you finally get to experience the product or service you have heard about and been waiting for. “Soft Openings” on the other hand are less exciting and even off putting. For some businesses it might be a great idea to […]


Support Pro Soccer in Eugene!

 Eugene may finally get a soccer football club of its very own. While this isn’t technically beer news, it is great for beer. Lane United FC is seeking support in bringing a league to Eugene and even competing against the likes of the Portland Timbers. Here is a quote from their site: “LUFC is in ongoing discussions with […]


March 23rd the Bier Stein Leaves 11th Street

  If you love the current Bier Stein location with the Octoberfest style mural and limited parking, then you have until the 23rd to soak up the ambiance. The 345 E 11th location will no longer be the home of the Bier Stein as of March 23rd. April 1st is the estimated opening of the […]


New York Times Claims “wine-fication” of Craft Beer

  The New York Times has been getting quite a bit of attention online claiming the further “wine-fication” of craft beer is happening. The main reasoning behind this article is the container size. I find it hard to see this issue as anything more than stirring the pot and seeing who will react to “defend” craft beer […]


Deschutes River Ale Release Celebration

Sweet Water at the Valley River Inn hosted the Deschutes River Ale Release Celebration tonight. Celebrating the release of the session beer. The beer was light bodied and refreshing. Perfect for drinking in the sun by the water. Hence the theme. Here is a quick rundown of the beer from Deschutes. “Here’s one that’s clean and […]


Voting in the Register-Guard Readers’ Choice Awards

The voting has started for the 5th annual Register-Guard Readers’ Choice Awards. The nominations have been counted and you can vote between the top 5 in each category. There are a lot of categories. Many that I cannot relate to. I didn’t even know there were five car wash places in this city. Casting a vote in […]


Renovations at Viking Braggot Company

After months of no updates from Viking Braggot Company it seems renovations have started at 520 Commercial street. At least in the bathroom.  The “coming soon” company published an update via their WordPress blog, complete with pics of the pretty good job they did remodeling the bathroom. “As we settled into the building we quickly realized that the only bathroom […]