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Voting in the Register-Guard Readers’ Choice Awards

The voting has started for the 5th annual Register-Guard Readers’ Choice Awards. The nominations have been counted and you can vote between the top 5 in each category.

There are a lot of categories. Many that I cannot relate to. I didn’t even know there were five car wash places in this city. Casting a vote in each and every category is such a commitment of time, there is a save feature so you can take a break and come back to the process. Perfect for those undecided voters that need a little time to think about their vote. After a long internal debate on what I thought the best “Day Spa” in town was, I decided to skip to the categories I actually cared about.

“Drinks after Work”

At least Hop Valley made the list

This was the category that upset me the most. NO 16 Tons and NO Bier Stien??? I do enjoy Hop Valley. I mentioned, in a post about the nomination process, that the geography of these locations may suggest a less than accurate representation of the opinions of the entire Eugene area.



Guess which one I voted for

This category has the right breweries.


Not too happy with this list either.

I have no geo-location complaints on this one. The Keg and the Pour House are about as opposite sides of the local area as you can get. Although, I wonder if having “Tavern” in your business name won’t be required next year. Why not “Cocktail Bar” and “Craft Beer Bar”? There is a category for a “Sports Bar”, a “Wine Bar”, even a “Salad Bar”.  Why can I vote on where the best place for a glass of wine is, but not a craft beer or cocktail? There is also a “Wine Shop” category, but no “Beer Shop”. Perhaps there wasn’t room for these in the over 100 categories?


The award feels a little hollow to me, and less representative of the Eugene voice than the simliar “Best of Eugene” run by the Eugene Weekly. So many local businesses are literally begging to be voted for and so many categories are filled with non local retail chains. If their readers think Starbucks is great that is fine, but much less interesting.

I will admit I may not be the person the Registered Guard is attempting to represent. It is called the “Readers Choice” award and I can’t even remember the last time I held a newspaper.



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