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Bier Stein

March 23rd the Bier Stein Leaves 11th Street


bier-steinIf you love the current Bier Stein location with the Octoberfest style mural and limited parking, then you have until the 23rd to soak up the ambiance. The 345 E 11th location will no longer be the home of the Bier Stein as of March 23rd. April 1st is the estimated opening of the new Willamette location.

This isn’t really news and we all probably know this by now, but what you may have not counted on is the smaller bottle selection in the coolers. The Bier Stein coolers are looking pretty empty and will only get worse until the new opening. Obviously, selling the bottles is far easier than hauling the bottles down to Willamette.

If this will lead to any sales or discounts we can only hope. They could even have kegs to kill, rather than haul. This is all speculation. Only 21 days until the location is closed, who knows whether or not we will see any discounted beer on tap or in bottles. I do know kegs and bottles are heavy. It really isn’t far to Willamette, but it sounds much more fun for all parties involved to sell as much beer as possible before the move.

Even with a shrinking bottle selection, it’s worth it to stop in on the off chance of saving a few bucks on a bottle or pint.



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