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Mancäve Brewing Company on kickstarter

Eugene could have a new brewery. With your help. A couple of local guys with a dream and some umlauts are looking for your backing. Here is the video:



There is over 29 days, as of today, to support the project. I, for one, am all for new small breweries. The prospect of small single batches only intrigues me more. They seem to have the shwag aspect in mind already with some photoshopped pics of designs they could sell. Also, a very “Eugene” idea of bike delivery system.

Another thing that we plan on doing is distributing our beer in the downtown area on bikes. In the foreseeable future we plan on using a process where we will carbonate all our beer from the co2 given off from the fermenters

We have already seen successful kickstarter funding for the locally created Brewery Management game  Fiz. This project is asking for a bit more than the video game Fiz was, but 29 days is a long time and anything is possible. We wish the Mancäve Brewing Company the very best and can’t wait to try some of their beer.


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