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Renovations at Viking Braggot Company

After months of no updates from Viking Braggot Company it seems renovations have started at 520 Commercial street. At least in the bathroom.  The “coming soon” company published an update via their WordPress blog, complete with pics of the pretty good job they did remodeling the bathroom.

“As we settled into the building we quickly realized that the only bathroom in the brewery was just not going to cut it. From the lime green paint and the worst part of the ’70s inspired wallpaper, we were not having it! And hell, we had time to kill before arrival of the tanks and brew station…”

I was impressed. As beer lovers we all know the bathroom is an important part of any establishment. Many Eugene businesses are made or broken on their bathrooms. Even the very successful Market of Choice.



The potty aside, after watching for updates it is good to see progress. More frequent updates are promised and hopefully a solid date on when we can start enjoying the part barley-based ale, part honey-based mead hybrid beer that is the Braggot style. I will be watching their blog, site, facebook and Instagram closely. I am sure we are all looking forward to the latest addition to the Eugene area breweries.



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