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Breweries Doing the Harlem Shake

Update (2/15): Ninkasi has released a finished version of their video. See it below. There seem to be more out there. See the latest at the bottom of this post.


Update (2/14): Ninkasi has changed the settings on their Harlem Shake video to private. According to @Ninkasibrewing the reason for changing the video to private was that it was a “sneak peak”. Here is the tweet.


Eugene favorite Ninkasi, has released their version of the popular internet video “Harlem Shake” via their YouTube channel. For anyone not familiar with the Harlem Shake parody phenomenon, Wikipedia explains it well:

The videos feature the song Harlem Shake by electronic musician Baauer, and a dancing style not to be confused with the original Harlem Shake.[2] Normally, each video begins with one person (often masked) dancing to the song alone, surrounded by other people unaware of the dancing individual. When the bass drops, the camera transitions to the entire crowd doing the dance, often wearing a minimum of clothes or crazy outfits, costumes with wielding strange props.

Here is the Ninkasi video: (video has been changed to private. Should the url be made public again it will embed here again)

harlem shake

Screen shot from original video via twitter.

New complete Harlem Shake video by Ninkasi:

Ninkasi is not the only brewery out there doing the shake. Here are a few more:

The folks in Packaging’s B at New Belgium:

In Texas at Karbach Brewery:

Internet dance parodies are not my favorite thing on the web, but everyone here looks like they had a good time filming these. I think that is what really matters. At least the Harlem Shake is pretty short. This is preferable to the Gangnam Style or Call Me Maybe parodies in my opinion. In case you like these videos I will be adding more videos to this post as I find them.

In Montana The Great Northern Brewery

In Colorado Odell Brewin

In California Stone Brewing

In Illinois Metropolitan Brewing


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