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$3 Pints of Craft Beer in Eugene

3 dollar craft beersMost of us love beer and are willing to go out of our way for a favorite or a rare pint. For the very rare, we often pay in the double digets for less than a pint. Still, there are occasions where economy plays a more important role. You can still get a good beer without having to resort to the buying of a blue ribbon winner or living the high life. Here are a five of my favorites in Eugene.

1. 16 Tons Cafe lately the go to for a $3 pint. Boneyard RPM has often been the $3 pint and there is nothing wrong with that! The tap house will have a $3 pint on too sometimes, so it’s worth checking both spots.

2. Blair Alley Arcade (Thursdays 9-11pm) Well, they actually advertise $2 Micros! Located next to Ninkasi they feature brews from the goddess and others. Of course there are the games too.

3. Hot Momma’s Wings (Tuesdays). Open mic and $3 pints.


4. Whirled Pies (3-6pm) $1 slices and $3 pints. Good pizza and local fun. Hasn’t been open too long, but already one of my favorite happy hours.


5. Cosmic Pizza (3-6pm) A great happy hour special and you can even print off coupons for other times of day. The happy hour there leads perfectly into Science Pub. One of my favorite monthly events.

6. Pegasus Pizza (Mondays) $3 pints at ALL their locations. Here is the facebook update.


Even with a skinny wallet you can still enjoy all the craft beer goodness out there in Eugene. There are also a lot of food/pint specials out there in Eugene, but I wanted to focus on going out to enjoy a pint. If you have some specials I missed in Eugene, please comment. If you want to look up where else to get a pint in Eugene Check out our map. Drink up and save a few bucks!



You have to start saving somewhere.


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